ABB is the worlds leading technology and automation company. They provide innovative digitally connected industrial equipment and systems. ABB required us to design and build an experience for electricians to configure and order electrical components through a hybrid app.

Services: Strategy, UX, UI & design system

Results: An increase in wholesale sales

The Challenge

Design an easier way for electricians to find, select, configure, quote, invoice and order ABB products, quickly and simply in one simple journey.


From executing our C2C workshop, it became clear that we had to provide a very different user journey due to the users knowledge and experience with modern processes.

Tech-savvy electricians, for instance, would need as much support as a less tech savvy user when using the app for the first time due to current obsolete processes.


After discovering the level of support needed, we tested different onboarding Flows and found the 'benefits approach' to app onboarding was triumphant.

It focuses on communicating value and benefits to a first time users encouraging them keep using it. This approach helps the user understand the level of support the app has to offer and demonstrates how the app integrates into their project processes.


Drawing on the user interviews we identified all key features and popular functions. Users required a dashboard that would provide the latest project updates and access to the most current industry news articles and stories.


Configuration of the app was complex due to many different and connected parts. We started by creating patterns and journeys based on algorithms. This helped us understand the order and process behind each feature and requirement.

Sync Contacts

Lack of time is a major pain-point for Electricians, as most are SME owners, working around the clock; it’s important that the app must not take up anymore of their time. To do this we added the ability to sync contacts from a work phone. This would save time when starting a new project, contacting a client and for legal/payment forms.

Project Management

At the top of the most requested features was the project management function. Electricians wanted to be able to see an overview of each project with the ability access documents, see notes/photos and send any legal/payment forms directly to a wholesaler or client. It also allows a project to be picked up where you left off during any of the complex configuration processes.

Design system

To maintain consistency and ensure efficient design to dev handover, I developed a modular design system based on reusable components and their states. Every component can be rearranged and combined with others while maintaining design consistency and recognizable UI patterns for the user.

Color palette





Primary font - ABB Voice