Allianz wanted to educate their staff on cybercrime and needed a solution that could be rolled out globally. The outcome was a catchphrase game named “beat the fraudster”.

Services: Strategy, user research, analysis, prototyping and UI design

Results: Educating the staff on cybercrime


To educate the Allianz staff about cybercrime whilst collecting data through a data capture form.


With staff education as the focus, we explored different ways in how to achieve this. From our exploration, we came up with the concept of a catchphrase themed game. We started on the framework by mapping out the different flows users could take.

By mapping out the flows we were able to translate how to randomise the 3 different levels of questions into one flow always linking back to the questions hub.


Based on user requirements we went for the combination of multiple onboarding approaches to engage new users. We combined a summary T&C’s alongside a conventional data capture form to provide transparency for users providing their personal information to help them understand how their data is being used, helping them feel at ease and engaged.


Although the game was based the tiled effect of the iconic game show ‘Catchphrase’ we still wanted our users to be able to see an overview of how to play. We also added in a real time leaderboard to keep users engaged in the game.

Question hub

The concept of the game was to educate the staff on cybercrime. Each title was represented by a different fraudster and it was the staff’s job to defeat them. Once the staff eliminated all 12 fraudsters they officially complete the game. Users that were unable to eliminate the fraudsters would go on to receive further training.


Once a tile was selected at random, an easy, moderate or hard question was displayed. If the wrong answer was to be selected the fraudster smiles. If you select the correct answer the fraudster turns into a puff of smoke meaning they have been eliminated.


Once all questions were complete an overview infographic of the top 5 successful fraud prevention stories would be revealed which was accompanied by a 30-second countdown timer allowing the user to read the information. Once the 30 seconds was up the users game completion time was then displayed.


When complete, a ‘game over’ message would appear accompanied with the time the user took and their leaderboard position. At the end of training period, the users with the 10 fastest game completion times would win a Yuneec Breeze drone.

Design assets

To maintain consistency and ensure efficient design to dev handover, I developed a modular design system based on reusable components and their states. Every component can be rearranged and combined with others while maintaining design consistency and recognizable UI patterns for the user.

Color palette







Primary font - Allianz Sans