Pethood is Petplan's platform for their policy holders. The app concept was to provide a fuss-free way of viewing their policy details, storing their pets data and also finding out information without trailing through multiple websites and articles. The app will use existing pet data and also gather new data from the new information submitted by the user.

Services: Strategy, concept creation, UX, UI & design system

Results: Unknown


To create an ‘easy to navigate’ app that simplifies the lives of their policy/pet owners enhancing a better experience


Working with real-world data is a good starting point to help avoid guesswork and preconceptions. Mapping the basic flow of the app helped us to figure out the possible journeys users will take when trying to find information or tools.

These flows were translated into a skeletal framework to test without having to dive into the details. It helped arrange the interface elements while focusing on the functionality.


It’s the front-line of an overall app-experience and everything from adoption, engagement and retention can be positively impacted by a smooth onboarding experience. This is why we opted for an account setup approach integrating a pre-set unique ID. The account setup onboarding flow would focus on getting new users to register and set up an account before they could proceed. By using the unique ID, name and email the app will verify a pre-configured account that would pull in relevant profile data tailored to the pet/owner.


From a series of prototypes, we landed on tab-based app architecture, each dedicated to a specific area, exercise, health, diet, and advice with an overview of recent user activity. Our users wanted to be able to see an overview of their pet's health. With the ability to see this and what was covered in their policy, users had unrivalled knowledge which is not provided by other insurers.


At the top of the most requested features was integrating PitPat, a pet activity monitor. For a new pet owner making sure they don’t over-exercise their puppy and confirm how much exercise was needed was a must-have. Other similar features included were weight, dietary and medication management.

Tips &

We asked our users to define what are the pain points to finding the topics they are looking for. The truth is that most people simply do not have time to spend endless hours scrolling through websites trying to find the information relating to their pet. Drawing on our conversations with users, we decided to house all tips, stories and articles in one section. We extracted the most relevant search terms and split them into categories for users to refine their searches by.

Design system

To maintain consistency and ensure efficient design to dev handover, I developed a design system based on reusable components and their states. Every component can be rearranged and combined with others while maintaining design consistency and recognizable UI patterns for the user.

Color palette





Primary font - Allianz Sans